Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hw for 25th May 2017

P.S Audrey is posting this post on my LD.


1)  E.Math June Holiday Revision 2017 Pack (Due T3W1)


1)  Assignment 6D. Qn 6, 7b,8b,9d,10 (Due 26th May 2017)
2)  A.Math June Holiday Revision 2017 Pack (Due T3W1)


1)  Unit 6: Ammonia (Flipped Activity/Notes) (Due T3W1)
2)  2016 RACI Australian National Chemistry Quiz Year 9 & 10 (Optional)


1)  Physics O'level TYS Topic 2,3,5,8
2)  Physics AA2 (T3W1 Testing)
3)  Acelearning (Will be shared on the second week of June

Social Studies

1)  Reliability Qn More info on google classroom

Chinese (王老师)

1)  Corrections for CT Paper 1 (Due T3W1)
2)  AA2 First Draft(Due 26th June 2017)
3)  作文五 (Due T3W1)

Done By: Audrey Lee Hui Xing (01)
Dated: 25th May 2017

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  1. Geography: (optional) Play the Game on disaster management and screenshot your report+score into the google docs in the google classroom!


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